Diane R. Brown, founder and CEO of DerbyBrown, LLC, a leading event and engagement strategy agency helps clients broaden their engagement strategies within their respective corporations, communities and various industries. She founded this agency uniting her multifaceted background, having worked within the federal government, education, non-profit and corporate sectors; with a growing need in the marketplace to those looking to strengthen relationships. This boutique agency provides customers with unique, memorable and high-profile experiences.

DerbyBrown views engagement as the driving force to the success of their client. Diane encourages her clients to embrace bold visions, take a fresh unique approach to their ideas and allow innovation to be the key to a seamless execution. In our collaborative atmosphere, she shares client concerns and creates a level of transparency to guide them to their desired ideals.

What We Value

All clients require and deserve exceptional service. Nothing is more important to our team than to exceed the client’s exceptions.

Whatever YOU value most becomes OUR priority. We help organizations:

  1. Build a solid plan that outlines realistic strategies to achieve growth objections.
  2. Develop better resource management systems – a comprehensive plan to help Leadership identify decisions to maximize engagement experiences.
  3. Remove the strain of adding tasks to internal teams – Leadership can dedicate more resources to executing and building teams that exceed expectations.

Who We Are

Moments that last a lifetime, start with an experience that defines a moment. DerbyBrown is a boutique agency that help clients create a unique experience. DerbyBrown builds relationships through engagement and innovative events. We create a collaborative atmosphere where we become a team partner who shares your vision and creates a level of transparency to guide you through the process. Our personalized touch creates impactful curated experiences that foster long-lasting relationships.