DerbyBrown has comprehensive and professional services individually tailored to meet your needs under its umbrella of services: Diversity and Inclusion Strategies, Employee Engagement/ Experience, Event/Logistics Management. We can definitely find the right solution for you!

What We Do

DerbyBrown builds relationships through engagement, marketing and innovative events. We capitalize on its distinguishing element – servant leadership, The DerbyBrown Way. We seek to serve the customer and lead them into uncharted territory. Our innovative concepts exceed client expectations. DerbyBrown, represents a movement, a lifestyle, a culture. We will take you to the next level!


Innovative, fun, timeless …an experience is what describes the events DerbyBrown creates for its clients. To plan events of this magnitude, it takes extreme attention to detail, leadership and vision. From concept to execution, DerbyBrown loves to create a seamless vision for the event and ensures impeccable event execution even if our services are secured for a same-day event execution.


Each company or organization has a desired target consumer it aspires to reach. The bridge to connecting our client to its target consumer is to develop a market solution. With the help of DerbyBrown, those answers are developed by taking a comprehensive view of the organization’s goals, current and past trends to develop strategies using DerbyBrown tools to meet the organization’s desired outcome.


Relationships are the key of life. We help our clients develop strategies to make their audience feel seen and valued within their organizations, communities, and companies. Authenticity, compassion and reassurance are words not often embraced in professional environments. We create a space where we teach our clients embracing the non-traditional themes of leadership is an immeasurable superpower with unprecedented rewards.